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St Paul, London The purpose of Telmaco is the deployment of best practices for software project measurement and estimation. This is supported by consulting services which include process improvement, training courses, health checks, and audits.

Some of Telmaco's recommended practices are implemented via specialized tools: MeterIT-Cosmic, MeterIT-Project, and PredictIT.

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La Tour Eiffel, Paris La mission de Telmaco est le déploiement des méthodes et outils qui supportent l'excellence en matière de mesure du logiciel et de l'estimation des projets. Ceci est consolidé par des activités d'accompagnement qui incluent l'amélioration des processus, cours de formation, revues et audits. Quelques unes des pratiques recommandées par Telmaco sont réalisées par des outils spécialisés: MeterIT-Cosmic, MeterIT-Project, and PredictIT.

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Telmaco Products

MeterIT-Cosmic -- Software Measurement Tool

Software measurement - MeterIT-Cosmic Measure your software with MeterIT-Cosmic
MeterIT-Cosmic measures a functionality
MeterIT-Project -- Software Project Measurement Tool ----
Project measurement - MeterIT-Project Benchmark your software projects with MeterIT-Project
MeterIT-Project analyse projects
PredictIT -- Software Project Estimation Tool
Project cost estimation - PredictIT Estimate your new projects with PredictIT
PredictIT provides an estimate
MeterIT-Converter -- Software Size Conversion Tool ----
Software measurement - MeterIT-Converter Convert your first generation sizes to COSMIC
MeterIT-Converter makes the passing to 2nd Generation sizing

Telmaco Services

Services Project Measurement, Estimation and Tutorial -

 Software Estimation - Service Project Measurement Get maximum benefits out of these tools

A variety of services based on the MeterIT tool-family is available. They range from coaching sessions, training courses in project measurement and estimation, to health checks of your measurement and estimation capability. These are generally delivered in-house and tailored to your particular needs or can be publicly-delivered training courses.
Telmaco Services

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